Hail wreaks 
havoc  on shingles and roofs

When hail strikes roofs, the damage it leaves behind is often hidden. Shingles are bruised, scuffed, cracked, or even shattered. That’s to say nothing of the damage large hail can deal to roof decking. The damage can be catastrophic.

Many roof leaks are cause solely by the impact of hail on shingles. And many times, hail damage isn’t apparent for days, weeks, even months after a storm. That’s why a roof inspection from a qualified, trained roof expert is necessary to determine if your roof has been damaged by hail. Take a look for yourself:

Can you spot the damage? Our roof experts can.

Hail damage is difficult to spot from the ground, but it can be deadly to a roof! That’s why we spend so much time examining every shingle. 

Hometown Restoration of San Antonio conducts a full inspection of your roof and attic to ensure your shingles and decking are in tact and free from leaks. We also examine the surface of the shingles to make sure they are not degrading. It takes an expert eye, but when you call us, we become your expert.