Structural Damage

We’ve kind of seen it all.

High winds combine with hail and heavy rains. The soil is soaked, the trees are bending and shedding leaves, and the pressure on your home is excruciating.

At Hometown Restoration of San Antonio, we’ve seen all kinds of structural damage to homes. That means everything from a collapsed carport or patio (image right) to a home that was pushed more than 5″ off its slab. It was still standing, even though it was a total loss.

When it comes to storm damage, structural damage is one of those hidden costs that many adjusters don’t know how to look for. Hometown Restoration of San Antonio is there to provide you with a clear understanding of what has happened to your home, the broken joists, the weakend walls, or the cracked windows. 

Take a look at some of the damage we’ve found below, and then schedule your free storm damage inspection. We’re here to help.

location storm damage repair
location storm damage repair